I'm meaghan. ENFP. Slytherin.

Avid Reader. Quiddtch Player. Fictional Hero. Dreamer. Constant Questioner. Keyblade Wielder. Agnostic Theist. Fire Bender. Aspiring Comic Book Writer.


Champagne Cup 2012!

Thank you to the Sherman Family for hosting this amazing weekend in the Hamptons.


Blue Baracudas

Green Monkeys

Silver Snakes

Purple Monkeys

*note* The low angle photo is the most unflattering photo of me I have ever seen.

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    If you’re the hot, badassical-looking beater chick, can we be friends? And none of these photos are unflattering.
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  3. cramerstreet said: Meaghan it isn’t unflattering you look like SUCH A BOSS! PS: When are you coming back to Geneseo so we can be friends?
  4. personalspookio said: Cute! You stayed with the Shermans?
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    ^meaghan you look adorable in all of these pictures shut up! i wish i was there!!!! miss my quidditch team (even tho...
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